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How I Got Started

April 23, 2020

I get asked this question often enough, I thought I'd answer it here.

I lived in Reno, Nevada for close to 20 years and being in the "Sin State," I worked in the fringes of the adult industry for about 5 years at a local lingerie shop. It was there that I got exposed to strippers, legal prostitutes, kinksters and swingers. People would come in looking for all kinds of things and experiences asking questions like:

  • Where are the swing clubs?
  • Which toy is the quietest so it won't wake up my husband?
  • Do people really buy those leather handcuffs?!
  • I want a toy for my wife but she's never used one before. What I do I get her?

As I learned about the various products and such, I knew at some point, I would want to work directly in the adult industry. I'm grateful for those foundational years of my exploration.

I got invited to groups and play parties. I found a long term boyfriend by working there, who exposed me to ALL kinds of fantastic sexy things. I bought lots of the dresses and lingerie we sold.

On Sundays when it was really slow, we'd have a regular gent stop in just to hang out. We became friends. I would make him get me chicken nuggets and I would model lingerie for him. Good times.

Fast forward to 2013.

I moved to Oakland and worked full time as a technical writer for a construction company. Most boring marketing department I have ever experienced. (I have a BA in Journalism and a former career in corporate marketing.) I wasn't making much money and I was miserable. Many of my friends here in the Bay kept telling me I should get into sex work. My response???

"I did not get an MBA to be a hooker. And if I wanted to do that, I'd still be in Nevada, where it's legal."

Pretty arrogant on my part. Until one of my friends actually sat me down and shared with me what's what. She talked with me for a couple of hours and I was blown away. Simply blown away. I was nervous about it but I now had an exit plan from Corporate Marketing.

When the company let me go in January 2014, I posted my first ad and here we are: 6 years later and going strong.

How did I choose my name? Mackenzie is a nod to my Irish heritage and Phoenix, well, I've risen from the ashes numerous times bathed in the fires of Life.

In June 2014, I made more money in one month than I ever had in Corporate. BAM!!! I was blown away that happened.

I meet incredible people on a regular basis. I learn about different jobs and industries from my clients. I learned more about my own boundaries and what I will or will not tolerate. I now own stock as my small nest egg. I run my business well and I'm handsomely rewarded for it.

I'm honored to have this career of choice. Deeply grateful on many levels.

Thank you for everything.