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I am thrilled to teach other sex workers foundational business skills. Currently, I offer two courses. Class descriptions, schedules and how to register below.


"Simple Bookkeeping for Taxes & Higher Profits"

How much am I spending for every $100 of income? What can I claim or write off on my taxes? What the hell does "write off" mean anyway? What do I tell the IRS I do for a living? Are there legit expenses? When I tour, how do I know if it was worth the trip or not? Numbers tell you all kinds of stories and more. I teach in 2 hours what numbers you want to pay attention to, keeping track of them and what those numbers are telling you. Old school style--with paper and pencil.

In this class, you will learn:

1. How to track your income and expenses

2. File your taxes easier with far less headaches and effort

3. Know exactly where your money is coming from and where it's going

4. How to conduct simple business analysis.

It's smart...very smart. Learn step-by-step in two hours in a hands-on, simple way tailored for our non-traditional career of choice. While I am not an accountant or a CPA, I will share with you my experiences filing taxes, financial analysis and real numbers. All meat. No fluff. No computer apps. No passwords to remember. No program updates. I teach using old school pencil and paper using a bookkeeping book designed specifically for small business owners.


Upcoming Bookkeeping Classes:

I don't have any classes currently scheduled. If you'd like to be notified via email, please drop me a line at In the meantime, check out my guest blog post on Tryst: Sex Workers & Taxes: Should You File?



"SafeOffice 101: The Community Tab"

SafeOffice is a highly secure, completely off-shore platform offering free access to forums, touring resources and reviews, ability to ask for references and the most important close-to-300,000 entry blacklist. All free. Always will be free to active providers of any modality. Learn how to obtain an account and navigate the vast richness of data. This platform will keep you safer, more connected to others, and be able to plan your tours and hotel stays with confidence. Great for independents, agencies and dungeon owners/managers.

Primary focus will be on the FREE Community tab, which contains the blacklist, forums, tours, hotels, and other resources. Learn how to do searches, submit entries & reviews, create contacts, scheduling and the beauty of their email system.

While managing at a local SF Agency, I taught the owner how to really take advantage of the platform. It dramatically impacted her business and safety in a very positive way. It can make a dramatic difference for your business as well. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

SafeOffice is an online platform that has:

  • The same level of security of a bank. Incredibly difficult to hack.
  • Offers both PC/Mac/Apple/Android apps.
  • Not a single piece of information stays or is stored on your device. This means no one, not LE, not your boyfriend or clients or anyone else, can see or access any information on SafeOffice.
  • Incorporated in Cypress. Servers are located in Amsterdam. It cannot be seized by the US Government. Period.
  • SO has the most comprehensive FREE blacklist. They create whole profiles assembling all entries from one Bad Boy together in one "rap sheet". Their email service cross-references against the blacklist and you will instantly know if a Bad Boy just contacted you.
  • SO offers a complete package of business CRM features that can be used for independent providers and agencies. These features include: client records, scheduling and appt records, accounting/bookkeeping, email tied directly to your database and more. These features are part of the paid subscription.

NOTE: I am not associated with SafeOffice in any way. I do not receive any compensation or any perks for doing this training or advocating to use SafeOffice. I teach this so that we can understand how to best use this platform to stay safer, conduct easier screening and be connected.


You can purchase a recording of the class here: SafeOffice Class. Cost is $25 for the two hour course.